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Automatic Earphones Winder

Product Detail Information

This new, innovative solution does just that.
It keeps your earphones organized and ready for action whenever you need

No longer need wind your earphones cord by manually cool, high end design can be used most regular earphones has no in-line volume adjuster increase earphones longevity by preventing twisted

Features & Characteristics

  1. Wire is separatable for organizer.
  2. The earphone wire can be set in the organizer automatically.
  3. One touch button style
  4. Luxury design
  5. Earphone wire can be freely extended and stopped.

This product is patent registered and protected by international law.

Can store the easy roll anywhere!
Pocket/handbag/School Back Bag/etc.

Setting and separating guide

  1. Fold in half and stowed earphones
  2. Folded in half of the central portion of the product, earphones jammed into your chin is inserted.
  3. Both the earphone wires on the door and then left home to go into a close door.
  4. Pendent justification for the wire tap the button(complete archive)
  5. Products would be closed through the earpiece to hold both ends of the pull.
  6. Products from the jaws of the door jam, open to release the earphones.
  7. Close the door

Absolutism! Disconnect the earphone from the state to press the button again, the initial setting sign.

Initial setting guide (1 time only required courses)

  1. To reveal the back of the product as shown Cleared.
  2. Products on the left of the door open with your thumb.
  3. With the left hand with your thumb to hold the main unit, the Roll Get on the inside turn danggideut.
  4. 26-29 Therefore, the standard earphones, repeat the "sputter" firmly returns.
  5. Door to "snap" to close until the press.